Modern day The evolution of our food has disconnected the populous from its source.  Many people in today’s world no not from where their food comes from. Our food supplies have been altered in modern times and            

Real Food is simply food in its original form. That means that nothing has been added to it, or subtracted from it. It comes in the form that nature created it. Since the early 1900’s people began responding to the infusion of chemicals into our food supply. The organic food movement began as a result of the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides in the early days of industrial agriculture. http://theorganicsinstitute.com/organic/history-of-the-organic-movement/. Later on, to name a few, there were people such as Rudolf Steiner who developed biodynamic agriculture, an organic farming method http://www.rudolfsteinerweb.com, Alice Waters, who is a pioneer of the organic food movement in the US and the originator of the infamous Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, and there was Weston A. Price, a dentist in the 1930’s, who traveled the world and discovered that indigenous people who consumed only pure nutrient dense traditional foods, were far healthier than the western population www.wapf.com, The slow food movement was also a group evolved in reaction to our changing food economy.  http://www.slowfoodusa.org.

               These people were lovers of food and knew the difference between real food and man-made synthetic substances. Not only is the taste superior, there are actually biochemical and nutritionally beneficial reasons for the choice to eat real food. Our bodies know the difference and our bodies were not designed to process synthetic products. In order to sustain good health, the essential nutrients from unadulterated foods are necessary. Each and every one of our bodily functions are dependent on particular nutrients.

               As the native people of Dr Price’s investigation displayed, a diet rich in what was in the surrounding environment, unspoiled and in its pure form, provided them with all that they needed to be vibrant and healthy. In fact, Dr, Price, was particularly interested in their teeth, and surmised that the problems with the teeth of populations that consumed a “western diet”;  deformed dental arches, dental caries, crowded and crooked teeth, were a result of nutritional deficiencies. He also discovered that with the straight and strong teeth came healthy bodies, strong immune systems and healthy minds. 

               One must realize the connection between organic agriculture, which contributes to growing healthy and sustainable food, and our health. It is a circle. In order to gain nutrient value in our food, the soil must be nurtured. The concern about the introduction of synthetic fertilizers, points to the issue of the health of the soil. The microorganisms and trace minerals are key to the health of the soil and then the nutrient value of the food. The use of only 2 ingredients in a fertilizer, reduces most of the essential nutrients that our bodies require. The addition of pesticides and herbicides contributes to the toxic load that our bodies have to deal with.

               If we examine the reduction of traditional “homemade” foods in our culture, we see a direct relationship between that and the declining health of the western world. In other words processed denatured substances contribute to poor health. The modern diet in mostly comprised of processed grains made into different products. These products have been stripped of their essential nutrients, through the processing, and synthetic vitamins have been added in. Like I stated earlier, the body does not recognize these foreign substances and does not absorb them. If you were to look at the ingredients on most of the containers that the products come in, you will see soy, wheat, sugar, corn and other things with names you could not pronounce.  It is always better to use the whole food of anything that you eat. When we start changing the way a food was meant to be, we

are interfering with the way nature intended. We have been misled to believe that all of our food should be altered to make it healthier.

               Fats have been demonized and removed from diets because people have been told that it increases their cholesterol and makes them fat. Healthy fats contain fat–soluble vitamins which are essential  to our body’s function and we would not get otherwise.

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