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Dr. Minet Sepulveda

Chiropractor in Belmont

I am a fitness trainer, health coach, and chiropractor with a background in weight-lifting, body-building, and track & field.  I have been a licensed chiropractor for 10 years. Dedicated to helping people of all ages, body types, and abilities increase their muscle mass, endurance, flexibility, balance, and sense of well being.

Many clients come to me for pain management, and my chiropractic and athletic experience can also be utilized to help maintain physical and emotional health, and to attain your fitness and nutrition goals – whether it’s losing five pounds or training for a triathlon!

“Your body wants to feel good. It knows how to heal, adapt and improve. Let us guide you to your goals.”

Meet The Team

Infinite Body and Health Team

Jostin Jimenez

Massage Therapist

In 2009, while recovering from a lower back injury, Jostin decided to learn more about bodywork and graduated from Heritage Institute, Virginia, with a degree in massage therapy.

Dr. Shelley


Dr. Shelley, has been practicing acupuncture since 1984 in the Santa Barbara area and later became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS practitioner and BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner. She specializes in pain management, digestive disorders and children on the autism spectrum.

Beverly Caine

Hand & Foot Wellness

My personalized treatments combine my 27 years as a licensed Manicurist, my experience as a Hand-Foot-Ear Reflexologist, MELT Method Hand & Foot Instructor, Safe and Sterile Medical Manicure and Pedicure Tech under a Podiatry MD, and Certified Nurse’s Aide.

I’m currently working on my certification in Advanced Nail Technologist/Podiatry Assistant. I have experience with specialized natural nailcare techniques for diabetics, people that have poor circulation, arthritis in the hands and feet, and sport injuries such as plantar fasciitis. Over my many years of practice, I have worked on all ages, but specialize in aging adult hand and foot wellness. One of my greatest professional joys is to constantly keep up with latest research and take courses so that I can provide the most effective and beneficial treatments for my clients. I also love to teach my clients techniques to continue their own self-care practices at home.

My passion for holistic health began in 1996 when I started my journey as a Wellness Professional, specializing in the healthy healing of hands and feet. I have been working in the East Bay/San Francisco area for over 18 years now.
Recently I have expanded my business to include my naturally sourced holistic product line, Sweet B’ Hand & Foot Wellness. Especially formulated for people who are concerned with the harsh ingredients that are added to other cosmetic products, Sweet B’s Hand and Foot Wellness emerged from my love of working with my hands and researching plant-based ingredients so your nails, hands and feet feel nourished and care for.

Alexis Navat

Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Alexis’s passion for nutrition and fitness is rooted in her spiritual practice. She found profound internal and external healing through eating to live nourished and disease free and desires to teach people the power of what eating well can do in conjunction with other healing modalities. In her practice she uses an integrative approach that not only assesses an individual’s current nutrition, but also looks at how they deal with stress, manage sleep, and incorporate mindfulness habits and physical activity in their life so that their health is optimized. Along with being a certified nutritionist she is also a certified personal trainer and dietetic intern so that she can take the board exam to get her Registered Dietitian credential by the end of 2023.  In her free time she loves to deepen her yoga practice, get out in nature with her three dogs, and build out her camper van with her partner so that they can travel the country.

Maura Hermosillo

Massage Therapy

After finishing my degree in Pedagogy, I started studying professional Cosmetology and Aromatouch techniques after moving to California. My passion for massage therapy came after studying the Feldenkrais method at Colima, Mexico University. 
This method helps to reorganize connections between the brain and body. The method helped me to understand the connection between body movement and psychological state.
The main goal of my treatments is to help people with natural and holistic methods and lower their toxic load through essential oils and the Aromatouch technique. My massage practice combines these techniques during my signature massage to improve clients’ relaxation, movement, circulation, and healing among others. 

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