Can Chiropractic Treatment Help with Vertigo?

Chiropractic Treatment for Vertigo

Vertigo is a common condition that many people experience at some point in their lives. It is one of the most common complaints made to chiropractors.

Vertigo itself isn’t usually serious, being due to something like an inner ear infection that will eventually clear up on its own. However, vertigo can have severe repercussions if it isn’t treated because it prevents the patient from functioning normally. It’s impossible to go about daily tasks if vertigo makes it difficult or impossible to function properly.

Chiropractors offer vertigo treatment that can have a noticeable effect on vertigo symptoms. However, for this vertigo treatment to take effect, the patient must be committed to taking part in their chiropractic management plan.

Before we dive into how chiropractors help with Vertigo, let’s look at what Vertigo actually is.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a very intense form of dizziness that affects many people at some point in life. The first time someone experiences Vertigo, it might be a frightening experience since it manifests suddenly, resulting in a total loss of balance.

When experiencing Vertigo, you’ll likely have trouble standing up, much alone walking and may experience nausea, vomiting, or cold shivers. Sometimes vertigo can be accompanied by the loss of peripheral vision.

Generally speaking, vertigo is caused due to something that has gone wrong with your inner ear. The inner ear contains many elements that are responsible for balance and movement coordination. There are three semicircular canals in the inner ear region that contain fluid and sensory hair cells. When these cells come under attack, vertigo can develop.

When the sensory cells are attacked, they send false signals to your brain about how your body is moving or positioned in space. The brain doesn’t receive accurate information and becomes confused about how you’re actually positioned relative to your surroundings.

Vertigo treatment is available through many different methods that range from medication to surgery; however, most vertigo sufferers tend not to go down that route because it usually offers no long-term relief for vertigo symptoms. Vertigo is a very difficult condition to live with because it makes normal activities, like working or cooking, extremely complicated and confusing. The sense of vertigo can feel overwhelming at times. 

The good news is Vertigo treatment is available at Infinite Body Health through chiropractic management plans. Our chiropractors work with Vertigo patients to improve their sense of balance and get back to living a great lifestyle.

Common Causes of Vertigo and Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy 

Vertigo can be caused by a number of different factors, such as:

  • benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • head injury
  • labyrinthitis
  • vestibular neuronitis
  • Ménière’s disease
  • taking certain types of medication

In order to determine vertigo treatment options for these various causes of vertigo, it’s important to see a chiropractor for an accurate diagnosis. Depending on what is causing vertigo, vertigo treatment may involve changing habits that are contributing to the condition.  It’s possible to experience vertigo even if you’ve never had any problems with your ear before. 

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is an exercise-based treatment program designed to promote vestibular adaptation and substitution. The goals of VRT are 1) to enhance gaze stability, 2) to enhance postural stability, 3) to improve vertigo, and 4) to improve activities of daily living.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Vertigo in Belmont?

If vertigo is preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential then you owe it to yourself to check out what your local chiropractor has to offer. A Chiropractor can help you deal with vertigo, dizziness, and other conditions that may be causing your discomfort.   A lot of times vertigo is accompanied by neck pain and even headaches. These can oftentimes be relieved through spinal adjustments under the guidance of a qualified doctor of chiropractic. 

Chiropractic care involves specific techniques on how to adjust spinal joints and tissue so they move more freely than they used to, releasing pressure off joints and nerves. Chiropractors will use a variety of techniques to achieve this end, including manual therapy. A doctor of chiropractic has an extensive education in the anatomy and physiology of the spine and nervous system, and can effectively diagnose vertigo. 

A large component of vertigo care centers around proper balance and coordination of the head with the rest of your body. Chiropractic care in Belmont will include cervical alignments and vestibular therapy. It may also include physiotherapy modalities and exercises that are specific for balance and equilibrium. These vertigo treatments may achieve long-term results over time without any negative side effects or medication involved. They do this by optimizing the way you walk, sit, stand, and sleep. If you need information about vertigo or are looking for an alternative approach to dizziness or vertigo, contact our Chiropractic team in Belmont today! We’ll be happy to see how we can help you get back on track towards feeling better than ever!

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